Our MX- Impact Tools provide controlled impacts to help overcome the lack of CT strength and force that can be generated at depth. The MAXIM  Jar utilizes a hydraulic metering system to “fire” the Jar and is used in conjunction with the MAXIMISER accelerator / intensifier to maximize the impact generated.



Gagie's MAXIM Jar is a Hydraulic Bi-Directional Jar designed specifically for coiled tubing and conventional workstring BHAs.



Designed to be run in the BHA above a MAXIM Jar, the Maximizer acts like a spring, allowing the jar to provide more linear acceleration when firing on the fish,

MX Hammer

The MX Hammer is a fully adjustable down-hole hammer. The  MX Hammer is designed to dislodge fish or scale from a wellbore by delivering a continual, 

MX Intensifier


Designed to be run in the BHA above a MX Hammer, the MX Intensifer acts like a spring,

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